Cord is a homegrown Indian origin label established in 2015 by Neha singh and Pranav Guglani with an aim to design everyday statement pieces that are classic, timeless with equal focus on functionality and comfort.

Cord finds its roots in the rich heritage of Indian arts and crafts. Inspired by art, travel, and culture, we take pride in employing age-old techniques bringing the artistry of human hands to life in each of our pieces.

Our workshop comprises a team of skilled craftsmen working in the field of hand smocking, block printing, and screen printing.

Our processes and raw materials embody the ethos of slow, conscious fashion. All our materials are ethically sourced, including our finest quality leather and all-natural fabrics.

Encased by nostalgia, carrying with them the old-school charm - our pieces are the result of a comprehensive design process based on functionality and comfort. Each piece is distinctly individual and made to embody the stories and personality of the wearer.