Reconnecting with Nature

Misty cool weather, early morning dew drops on grass, a serene calmness in the air around, taking a few steps forward and encountering a bed full of delicate white flowers with saffron stems covering the path ahead immersing you in its fruity-fresh fragrance, there lies Raat ki Raani, the Night Jasmine. Stories aren’t enough to express the emotions attached to this flower. From the Puranas to the Mahabharata, from Ayurveda to Perfumery, as offerings to lord, amateur bunches for a lover’s hair, joining a handful to make a garland while waiting for the morning school bus, this flower has experienced all phases of life.

“The Calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower — suitable to any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day, and now I place them here in the memory of something that has died.” -Katharine Hepburn in the movie Stage Door

Rebirth is one of the many ideas represented by the Calla lilies that has a series of stories attached to it. The green of these nature’s marvels is like a personification of life, sometimes blooming in the harshest of situations and sometimes withering even with the sun bestowing all its light. A vivid adaptation of its adorning silhouettes allows a comfort first attribute. The Calla lily’s name is actually a misnomer as it is not a true calla or a true lily. So when a flower can beat all the odds and be known for its individual self, what is stopping you from letting go of all tags and connotations to stand up for your real self?

Dahlias, the symbols of inner strength, creativity, and elegance have been a part of everybody’s gardens at least once in their lives. Scenic views at flower shows with billions of dahlias in colors as vibrant as the rainbow has been the selling point of a lot of these shows. A reflection of the intricate patterns formed by hundreds of petals can be seen in the handsmocking yokes and panels of Hiraeth. This flower is at its peak when many other summer blooms are past their prime which

takes us back to wondering; the challenges we face while rowing our boat in the ocean of life put everybody in one gigantic space but every wave hits each boat differently. So what ensures that our success is to failure ratio always remain the same as our peers we keep comparing it to? We got our seeds sown right, now it is on our watering and nourishing ability that will keep our dahlia blooming for the longest in its best spirit. 

Absolutely easy to grow and always a sight for sore eyes. The flower may not have its own scent but just its color and delicate silhouette are enough to zing up any monotonous day, giving it a common name - the Firecracker

While we are on the subject of individuality, here’s another flower holding its popularity in olden Indian times- the Crossandra. Absolutely easy to grow and always a sight for sore eyes. The flower may not have its own scent but just its color and delicate silhouette are enough to zing up any monotonous day, giving it a common name - the Firecracker. Be it indoors or outdoors, this flower always smiles. Giving roses and jasmine a run for their money might seem like a task but who thought a flower with no fragrance can beat them out? Likewise, maybe we don’t need to master every skill we see in life. Maybe we only have to master our unique selves to enjoy the celebration of life a little more.

A symbol of long and everlasting relations, with the color blue making it flowers of heaven, the Periwinkle flower teaches a lot of lessons from life.

This flower stands up for friendship, new beginnings,
everlasting love, purity,
strength, achieving one's dreams,
and whatnot.

Imbibing its essence in our 100% handcrafted garments you get to witness hand block printing, hand embroidery, hand smocking, and handcrafted buttons and tassels all in one. There sure are a lot of things in life that need to be juggled together but it all starts with managing one entity- YOU. Falling and losing are just parts of life but if we tangle ourselves in those momentary losses we will miss out on the most important relation- humans with nature.