Decoding Cord

Cord started with one ideology- to
redefine the Indian fashion norms
while taking pride in it at the same
time; bringing back the old way of
seeing design and

exploring the world of
fashion while wearing
these vintages lenses.

Challenges have been bountiful
but the journey has been even
more overwhelming. While nature
has been a forever inspiration for us, it is
only while working repeatedly
on this theme that we realized how interconnected
our very existence is with the entire cosmos.

Vintage fashion is not just about duskyshades or vegetable-tanned leather pieces. It is more like an embodiment of classic fashion that encapsulates the right balance between versatility and utility. Ranging from our messenger bags to our satchels, every bag walks the path of slow, steady, and conscious fashion.They are designed keeping a comfort-first attitude, followed by leather sourcing that is a by-product of the meat industry, then carefully hand-cut and hand stitched panel by panel to create a structure as rigid as furniture. The journey traveled by these bags is a modern adaptation of bags coming from as far as the 17th century. The Satchel bag is one such rendition that bleeds vintage fashion with every stitch.

The Tiffin sling, Elizahsling, Messenger are all further embodiments of timeless nostalgic fashion. An eye for detail is one of the most sought after attributes of that era. Everything from linings to trims and hardware was reflective of a comparatively richer time where textile and material possessions were at a boon. Seeking that glory, while keeping the shell minimal, some of the finest linings can be witnessed in the classic Cord Leather bags which are finished with antique brass trims and handles that have a natural rustic appeal to them. Carrying forward a deeply imbibed design ideology driven by comfort, durability,

and craftsmanship, Cord aims to offer a lifestyle that does not only look restored with a reflection of the bygone era but also feels relevant for generations to step into.but also feels relevant for generations to step into. “All our pieces transcend trends, can be worn season after season, and have a strong focus on functionality. They are also reflective of my partner’s and my experiences. I really believe that we are where we travel, the books we read and the people we spend time with. All of our experiences come through in our collections.” says Neha Singh, our Co-founder.

“I really believe that we are where we travel, the books we read and the people we spend time with. All of our experiences come through in our collections.”

The cherry on top is that all of these traits are not just limited to leather accessories, but are also highly exhibited in every ensemble created at the studio. Adding soul to surfaces with intricate block prints, tessellated smocking, and hand-embroidered nature’s motifs on the purest form of cotton, linen, wool, or rayon, each product pays homage to the tints and tones of life in an attempt to sculpt merrier tomorrows. Relaxing and vintage silhouettes are modernized and married with functionality reflecting fine hand-craftsmanship by highly skilled master artisans of the Indian crafts community.

Over a holistic journey of almost seven years, Cord continues its aim to bridge the gap between vintage and modern. It continues to fill people’s hearts with stories of longings and satisfying the desires of a revamped generation that believes in the story of yesteryear. Reflecting on the transitions of life, every piece exposes the impressions waxed by nostalgia that behold a special place in our hearts no matter where we go in the world. Incorporating the same essence, we now bring to you Cord Connect, a journal of timeless tales and fashion and everything in between to be more vocal about our love for all things ‘old-school’, for that’s where our pride lies.