K A S S I A &  G R A N T | Co – Founders – Dear, New Delhi 

Dear is a production studio based in New Delhi. We help brands big and small tell their stories via documentary films and original content.

About Kassia and Grant

Grant:  Loves a fresh coffee in the morning and a slice of pizza in the evening. Enjoys the tunes of Kumar Sanu and the Talking Heads. Has been figuring out how to ride a bicycle in Delhi traffic.

Kassia :Thinks self employment is simultaneously the most stressful and most rewarding thing ever. Always chooses film over digital. Currently home brewing kombucha and fermenting vegetables.

Fav quote/poem/phrase:

Kassia : ‘Do the work, be the prize.’
Grant: ‘Negativity is the enemy of creativity.’ – David Lynch

If you could translate your style into a person or a place, what would it be?

Kassia: Los Angeles meets India.
Grant: Hong Kong 1997.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Kassia: My cameras, our cats, and medjool dates.
Grant: Coffee, pizza, the early films of Jackie Shroff.

Your favorite project: (something that is close to your heart)

Recently it has probably been the short documentary film we did on Mickey Mouse in Madurai.

What are you looking forward to in regards to Dear?

We are working on a number of personal film projects, both fictional and non-fictional, which we are excited for because we have full creative control and can tell stories the way we want to tell them.

Best and the worst part about working together

Best – we complement each other creatively, and we each bring unique skills to our partnership, so we balance each other well.
Worst – probably spending so much time in close proximity! Work mode and relationship mode get all mixed up.

If not Dear, then… 

Kassia: I’d be going back for my PhD.
Grant: I’d be making a cartoon series.

You can follow their work here:


A N A I   B H A R U C H A | Fashion Photographer, Mumbai

About Anai

Organized, nostalgic, tends to fixate on the little things. She is a bit lost without her light meter and food/coffee on a shoot day. Her best work will always be something she hasn’t done yet.

Anai’s honest confession

She gets overtly excited when she spots little hooks at restaurants/bars under tables to hang bags. “It’s just so thoughtful”! / “I have an OCD about the spacing and layout of my Instagram profile”

According to her the most difficult part of being a photographer is the fact that most times you’re also production.

If not a photographer, then she would have possibly been a Creative Director. Or just unemployed.

Favorite quote:

“Find yourself in your work”

Find her latest work here: