About Anai

Organized, nostalgic, tends to fixate on the little things. She is a bit lost without her light meter and food/coffee on a shoot day. Her best work will always be something she hasn’t done yet.

Anai’s honest confession

She gets overtly excited when she spots little hooks at restaurants/bars under tables to hang bags. “It’s just so thoughtful”! / “I have an OCD about the spacing and layout of my Instagram profile”

According to her the most difficult part of being a photographer is the fact that most times you’re also production.

If not a photographer, then she would have possibly been a Creative Director. Or just unemployed.

Favorite quote:

“Find yourself in your work”

Find her latest work here: www.anaibharucha.com

Photo Credits: Photographs by Krishna V Iyer and Kush Chhabra

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